Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hunter's 6th Birthday

Hunter's Birthday morning

When I do a theme, I run with it people ok?

I LOVE me some hi-float helium balloons! (I mean, Hunter loves balloons!)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Time-out in Cali

Hunter was so funny. Ocean was freezing but he played this game for a good 45 minutes. He's my little fish, takes after his dad.

Sophie-mandated rest-stop in the middle of nowhere. She may be smiling right now but was screaming her head off minutes before! Poor girl.

Co-pilot, DJ, navigator, babysitter the best!

Hunter was a trooper. Soph, on the other hand-so high maintenance!

Thanks to my sis, Tutasi for flying out to SLC only to join the kiddies and I in a very adventurous road trip to San Diego. Best co-pilot ever!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

February Firsts

Miss Sophie's First Manicure

My little diva, she knew just what to do. She has never sat that still for anything her whole life!
Guess she's seen mama get one or two manicures before.
This sweet lady knows soph from previous visits and picks her up and kisses her on the cheek. She smile at everything Sophie says and does, but I don't think they understand very much of each other at all. I just told Sophie, tell aunty, "I light quit dryyyy." LOL (at myself!)

Hunter losing his first tooth.
He's lost his first two bottom teeth now! *Tear, or two*
My big boy.

He wouldn't let me help him at all. The tooth had been hanging there for daaaays!

YAY! He Did It! 'All by 'self!"

Daddy (I mean the tooth fairy) though it appropriate to leave $5.00! I think I got a quarter for my first tooth.

He wouldn't let me help him at all. The tooth had been hanging there for daaaays!

First Time on the Slopes for Mama and Hunter Ra!

Hunter and I tried skiing for the first time. He did great, me...well there's always next time...

Deer Valley was beautiful. I should have just watched and sipped my hot cocoa...

Rick tried his best to coach me, I blame him for my injuries.
Tiana and Daxia are pros on the slopes. They were so bored waiting for me.
Hunter was such a trooper. Afterwards he told me, "Mama, it's okay if you just wanna stick to tubing." He's so supportive. He 'pizza'd' down most of the way but at least he didn't eat it like his mama!

Pulling his first tooth ordeal:

"Oh, This is gonna hurt!"

(Pop) " It didn't even hurt!"

"I got a suprise for you, and I did it all by myself!"